One of the world’s best leading all-weather sealing systems

One of the world’s best (and easiest to use) sealing systems for greenhouses, water conservation, grain and silage conservation and more, Poly-Fastener® is a product almost without limit. Made in Canada, Poly-Fastener by Curry Industries is the only way to approach your poly-sealing needs.


Seal precious items to protect against:

  • storm windows
  • solar panels
  • privacy panels
  • shelters
  • screen doors and windows.

The possibilities are endless…
Zip It On! with Poly-Fastener®

Poly-Fastener’s UNIQUE DESIGN creates an air and water tight seal.

Poly-Fastener® is a two-part plastic fastening system consisting of an outer channel and insert strip that grips tight to flexible materials such as plastic sheeting, fabric, and fiberglass screen WITHOUT damaging the fragile materials. Poly-Fastener’s unique design creates a secure air and water tight seal while evenly distributing the material along the holding edge of the channel.

Poly-Fastener® is EXTREMELY DURABLE.

Having been developed in Manitoba, known for its sweltering summers and freezing winters, Poly-Fastener® has been rigorously tested under numerous weather conditions. The channel and insert strip are reusable for many years with simple care and maintenance.

Bio-Retractable Compost Covers

Designed by Curry Industries for large-scale composting operations, the Bio-Retractable Compost Cover captures odors, methane and ammonia gas emissions given off by compost. Fastened to the compost reactor by the air-tight Poly-Fastener® system and then rolled over the container, the bio-cover can assist in energy collection plans. Additionally, all parts are designed to withstand corrosive elements increasing the usable life-cycle of compost facilities. As always, designs can be adapted to meet any client’s specific needs.

Water Irrigation / Conservation

Curry Industries' unique and low-cost Poly-Fastener water conservation system offers long-term solutions to food production problems in arid regions. A unique mix of existing, and proven, concepts enhanced by advances in low-cost technology mean many third world nations have the potential to enjoy access to projects previously deemed “too expensive” to deploy – something that is of extreme interest to many government and NGO’s facing dire need but limited budgets.

Lagoon Liners and Evaporation Control Covers

Made simpler and more effective with Poly-Fastener®, lagoon and pond liners prevent water seepage into surrounding soil bases. Additionally, being able to limit water loss due to evaporation is a huge benefit in developing countries desperate to retain – and protect – proven water sources.

Through the Poly-Fastener® system plastic reservoir coverings can also be perforated to allow the natural passage of rainwater while still safeguarding precious water supplies from the ravages of the wind and sun.

Easy to install and maintain, the Poly-Fastener water conservation system can easily utilize local labour, eliminating the difficulty – and expense – of securing specialized, high-skilled environmental technicians.

Curry Industries Irrigation Tubes

Easily the most versatile and cost effective irrigation solutions available in the industry today, Curry Industries Irrigation Tubes use low-pressure to control the flow of water more efficiently. This helps prevent erosion while minimizing the natural loss of water that normally occurs through seepage and evaporation.

Poly-Fastener® irrigation tubes are formed by folding a flat sheet of plastic film in half, creating a tube of the required size. Using Poly-Fastener, the open edge is seamed together forming a water tight irrigation tube. Additionally, due to the simplicity of the Poly-Fastener® system, the seal can be easily removed and then adjusted to decrease or increase the water flow to match specific needs or requirements. The tubes can also be perforated to allow for controlled seepage at various designated points along the tube.

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