Limnocorrals, Mesocosms, Lake Curtains & Wave-Hydraulic Barriers

Invented and first deployed by Curry Industries, our Limnocorrals and Wave-Hydraulic Barriers remain the first choice for most researchers in North America. With more than 40 years of experience in designing and deploying aquatic research systems, Curry Industries is the standard. Our track record of working closely with scientists and researchers ensures their needs are always accounted for and that the data they collect is as accurate as it is dependable. Curry Industries also provides ongoing assistance throughout each individual project as determined by the client.

Alaska Assembly of Limnocorral

Curry Industries Limnocorrals provide a practical and cost-effective method for testing fresh water lakes for all manner of species, additive or pollutant

Kept in place by a Curry innovated flotation system, our limnocorrals are ideally suited to most fresh water environments. This allows researchers to properly isolate all water samples and ensure data accuracy.

Restoring the Health of Lake Winnipeg

View a report by the Lake Winnipeg Implementation Committee on Restoring the Health of Lake Winnipeg (PDF 1.2MB)

We worked with Walter Curry for three seasons to make mesocosms for us. He and his company never failed us! He was always on time and the work was the highest quality. He was also a charming and wonderful man to work with.

Marcia Kyle, Arizona State University

All Curry Industries Limnocorrals and Wave-Hydraulic Barriers are lightweight and compact, designed for ease-of-use, deployment and transport through all terrains because remote lakes don’t usually come with paved roads!

Curry Industries products were featured in Save My Lake, an episode dedicated to Lake Winnipeg from the CBC series The Nature of Things with Dr. David Suzuki.

Limnocorrals / Mesocosms

Custom-fabricated from a very specific, and Curry Industries designed, combination of plastic materials, our limnocorrals are ideally suited for the testing of fresh bodies of water. Fabricated into a plastic tube, Curry limnocorrals extend down to the bottom of the designated body of water where they are then anchored in place and efficiently sealed to prevent seepage. This protects the research environment, and all data collected, from contamination.

We’re happy with the design and quality of the equipment…we’ve had no problems with geese this year, which were a problem with our previous design. After two months in a very productive lake the limnocorrals are still looking good.

Kerri Finlay, University of Regina

Wave-Hydraulic Barriers

Lakehead College Lake Divider Curtain Deployment Research Area

Similar to limnocorrals, Curry Industries’ Wave-Hydraulic Barriers are specially designed for larger bodies of water. Allowing for larger-scale research projects, Curry Industries’ Wave-Hydraulic Barriers make it easier to deploy a wide-range of testing procedures on an ongoing basis.

Included in it’s multifaceted uses are Lake Divider Curtains for water isolation (with a netting skirt) and Log Booms to manage wave currents (also known as wave-hydraulic barriers).

I’ve used Curry Industries to build two different limnocorral experiments and both performed fantastically! They were easy to install, use and decommission. They were incredibly durable, and we even left some out in a lake over winter to see if they would survive, and they did…my guess is that they would have still survived another summer deployment.

Mike Christensen, Golder Associates Ltd

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