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Grain Bag Zipper

It’s very quick, a must-have for serious baggers.

Joshua Wurtz, Sun Valley Colony, Elie, MB

A nifty tool…..to give an air tight seal to the end of ag-bags.

Farm Show, Editors Pick

I noticed a small hole in the bag from some critter and all I did was open the Poly-fastener, move it above the hole and reseal the bag. This kept the rain from getting inside the bag.

Ryan Deruyck, Bruxelles, MB


The Lake Curtain installation was easily carried out by a two man team and the curtain design allowed the base of the curtain to simply sink into the sediment at the bottom of the wetland. This made installation quite simple. Total time for the install was less than two hours.

Thomas McAleer, Senior Research Technician, Biomaterials, Lakehead College (Canada)

I’ve used Curry Industries to build two different limnocorral experiments and both performed fantastically! They were easy to install, use and decommission. They were incredibly durable, and we even left some out in a lake over winter to see if they would survive, and they did…my guess is that they would have still survived another summer deployment.

Mike Christensen, Golder Associates Ltd

We’re happy with the design and quality of the equipment…we’ve had no problems with geese this year, which were a problem with our previous design. After two months in a very productive lake the limnocorrals are still looking good.

Kerri Finlay, University of Regina

We worked with Walter Curry for three seasons to make mesocosms for us. He and his company never failed us! He was always on time and the work was the highest quality. He was also a charming and wonderful man to work with.

Marcia Kyle, Arizona State University


We get a better water and air tight seal [with the Grain Bag Zipper] than with a 2×4.

Shaun Moran, Portage la Prairie, MB

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