Commercial & Household Solutions

Commercial & Household Solutions

Residential/Commercial Zipper Storage System

Newly developed by Curry Industries, the individual use zipper system allows you to protect all manner of household or commercial items from damage relating to environmental issues.

zipper-storage system

Seal precious items to protect against:

  • Floods
  • Weather
  • Dust/particles
  • Damage relating to exposure

Or just seal related items together for easy storage, transport or organization. Let our Poly-Fasteners make “bagging it” as easy at home or work as it is on the farm.

Poly-Fastener DIY Storm Window Kits

Great for cottage windows, patio doors and sheds of all kinds, the Curry Industries Poly-Fastener® DIY Storm Window Kit provides a tight, secure seal against drafts and heat loss. Easy to install (thanks to our Poly-Fastener system), it can be used on windows inside or outside, whatever the need.


Key Benefits of Polyfastener® DIY Storm Window Kit

  • Easy to use
  • Protects existing windows (less maintenance)
  • Improves comfort near window
  • Great Value