Green House & Shelter Fasteners

Green House & Shelter Fasteners

Curry Industries Poly-fastener has become the standard for securely attaching poly covering to greenhouse frames.

A simple and efficient system designed around an easy-to-use channel and insert strip, Curry’s Poly-Fasteners didn’t just solve the problems of nail or staple holes, micro-tears, and poly-covering tearing off and flapping in the wind, but revolutionized an industry that never believed change was even possible.

Embraced by both the United States and Canadian Greenhouse industries

Thanks to Curry Innovation for over thirty years now Poly-Fastener has set the standard for sensible and efficient greenhouse construction that stands up to the use required by business to turn a profit and make things happen.

Green Houses And Shelters

Providing multi-purpose portable shelters in a variety of sizes, Curry Industries ensures that our structures can be easily transported and quickly deployed at any desired location with minimal effort.

Designed with the specific needs of the agri-business and research field in mind, Curry Industries shelters have been used as greenhouses, living quarters, animal shelters, construction shelters, and even storage spaces for equipment and food supplies.

Our larger shelters have even been employed as hangers for small aircraft – and every shelter makes use of our Poly-Fastener® system.


is a flexible but tough and durable flat plastic lath. It has a clean white color. It is 1 3/8″ wide and is made of high-density poly, exactly the same material used in our Polyfastener but thinner.

  • Easy to cut to length and to nail on (see Installation below)
  • Very smooth — almost slippery — so it will not harm the poly in high winds.
  • Extremely flexible and easily bends around curves and corners.
  • Looks attractive. The bright white color is built right in and won’t peel off.
  • Reflects heat because it is white. This prevents heat build-up next to the poly.

How much Cinchstrap do I need?

For attaching the poly to a greenhouse, measure the distance up-over-and-down the outside of your greenhouse. Count how many times you need to do that distance, and multiply. That will tell you how many feet you’ll need for studs and rafters. Then calculate and add on the length you’ll need for nailing the poly to the bottom edges and to the cross bracing.


Our original Poly-Fastener is a two-part smooth hard poly channel and insert strip that tightly locks poly to the greenhouse frame.

If you need to be able to take your poly on and off at certain seasons of the year, Poly-Fastener may suit you better than Cinchstrap or lath. The roller tool and hook tool allow you to attach and remove and reattach the poly with relative ease. Poly-Fastener is designed to allow such easy removal.

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