• Limnocorrals and Lake Divider Curtains

    Limnocorrals and Lake Divider Curtains

    The first choice for researchers in North America.

    Curry Industries Limnocorrals provide a practical and cost-effective method for testing fresh water lakes for all manner of species, additive or pollutant.

  • Grain Bag Zipper

    Grain Bag Zipper

    Seal in the Quality of your Grain!

    Grain Bag Zipper is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure large-field ag-bags are sealed tight.

  • Green House and Shelter Fasteners

    Green House and Shelter Fasteners

    Multi-purpose portable shelters in a variety of sizes.

    Curry Industries Poly-fastener has become the standard for securely attaching poly covering to greenhouse frames.


Whether it’s our world-famous Poly-Fastener, ingenious labour-saving (and material saving) zipper systems, or even a few new ideas we’re working on, the time to check us out is now!


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Read about founders Walter and Mike Curry, along with some of their amazing innovations.

One of the world’s leading all-weather sealing systems

Poly-Fastener® has become one of the world’s leading sealing systems for greenhouses, water conservation, grain and silage conservation, composting operations and much more. These many uses are not the limit to how we can help your sealing needs. Poly-Fastener® has also been used for storm windows, solar panels, privacy panels, shelters, screen doors and windows.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I noticed a small hole in the bag from some critter and all I did was open the Poly-fastener, move it above the hole and reseal the bag. This kept the rain from getting inside the bag.

    Ryan Deruyck, Bruxelles, MB
  • I've used Curry Industries to build two different limnocorral experiments and both performed fantastically! They were easy to install, use and decommission. They were incredibly durable, and we even left some out in a lake over winter to see if they would survive, and they did...my guess is that they would have still survived another summer deployment.

    Mike Christensen, Golder Associates Ltd