Introducing Curry Bio-Retractable Compost Cover

Curry Bio-Retractable Compost Cover

Captures Odors, Methane and Ammonia Gas Emissions

The Bio-Retractable Compost Cover can help you take control of emissions and manage your composting more efficiently.

  • Do you want to capture methane for energy?
  • Do you want to control odor emissions?
  • Do you need a solution for metal corrosion in your compost building?
  • Are you looking to improve your compost quality?

Yes to any of these questions and the Bio-Retractable Compost Cover is a solution!

  • Controls emissions to filter more efficiently.
  • Creates a more uniform temperature in compost.
  • Accelerates composting time.
  • SAVE MONEY! Stop losing potential profits by the old methods.
  • SAVE TIME! Powerful features means automation labour costs are reduced!


Video Demonstration of the Bio-Retractable Compost Cover

Unique features that will help you take control

  • Easily roll cover automatically on and off compost reactor.
  • Snap-on rail clips attach cover to both sides with ease.
  • Cover is fastened on with the original patented air tight Poly-Fastener®.
  • Power drive available in electric or gas.
  • Parts are designed to withstand corrosive elements.
  • The flexing bowing arch sheds condensation.
  • Design can be adapted to meet your specific needs.